Quality Control

Wilson and Cousins meet the challenges of today and conduct research to answer the problems of tomorrow. We are in the business of ensuring your satisfaction at every level of engagement.

Wilson and Cousins operates its own quality control centre with a process designed to assure customers that each and every product they purchase meets or exceeds current industry standards.

You can rely on each product from Wilson and Cousins including Fire Cabinets, Fire Adaptors, and Pressure Restricting Valves to perform as expected.

Wilson and Cousins is experienced in acquiring approvals on new products from Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, Factory Mutual Research, and Leading Engineers Worldwide. It’s part of our commitment to quality, value and service. 

The same spirit and dedication of Thomas Wilson and Edward Cousins is present in the today’s managers. So whenever you specify, purchase or install Wilson and Cousins Interior Fire Protection Equipment & Products you get our assurance, you will receive the quality, value and service you expect.

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