Rack Hose Training

A valuable fire safety education tool is just a click away. Be sure to visit the interactive training module for standpipe fire hose stations at FEMA (Fire Equipment Manufacturers Association).

Standpipe fire hose stations are a first line of defense in fire safety. Trained personnel can quickly deploy the fire hose and control or extinguish a fire at its incipient stage, before sprinkler systems are activated and the fire department arrives on site. The main benefits of fire hose stations are quick fire suppression, one-person operation, minimal water damage, and occupant safety and rescue.

The on-line education module provides an overview of the classes of standpipe systems, a demonstration of proper use, and an outline of inspection and maintenance procedures with a quick checklist of key concerns. Training concludes with a quiz that can earn participants a certificate.

This on-line standpipe fire hose instruction is provided by the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, Inc. (FEMA). Wilson and Cousins is a proud member of FEMA, the premier organization dedicated to saving lives and protecting property against fire.

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