Your Interior Fire Protection Equipment Experts

Wilson and Cousins mission is to achieve excellence in the conduct of its business, to strive for superiority in the manufactured and distributed products it offers to its marketplace, and to enhance its peoples’ skills so customers can expect exceptional customer service.

Wilson and Cousins has been actively manufacturing and supplying Interior Fire Protection and Equipment since August 2, 1881. That’s when Thomas Wilson and Edward Cousins first enter into their new partnership.

Their enthusiasm and commitment to value, quality and service as well as the array of products offered secured their organization’s swift growth.

Wilson and Cousins manufactures and supplies numerous Interior Fire Protection Equipment & Products that support fire suppression, including Hydrant Gate Valves, Fire Hose Nozzles, Fire Sprinkler Valves, Fire Swinging Hose Reels, Fire Hose Racks, Fire Adapters, Fire Department Connections, Fire Hose Valves, Check Valves, Fire Extinguishers and several more. All the Interior Fire Protection Equipment & Products used in firefighting and manufactured or supplied by Wilson and Cousins comply with the current safety standards and regulations.