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a wide range of Brass Fire Hose Adaptors, Reducers, Hose Rack Nipples, and Snoot and Swivels

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Fire Hose Cabinets are treated with the WILCO “PRO-TECH” Premiere oven baked primer to aid with corrosion resistance

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Caps & Plugs

Caps and Plugs are available in Brass, Plastic, and Aluminum. We stock many different styles of caps and plugs in the 1 ˝” and 2 ˝” sizes

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Check Valves

swing check valves are available in threaded and grooved configurations

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Fire Dept. Connections

Concealed to Surface mount, our Fire Department Connections are available in a variety of styles, including single clapper, Double Clapper, Threaded, and Grooved

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Hose Valves

Fire hose valves are available with threaded and grooved inlets. They range from Standard Angle Hose Valves and Pressure Restricting Hose Valves, to Hydrant Gate Valves and Globe Valves

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Fire blankets and Hose storage cabinets, to gaskets and door latches, here you’ll find parts not covered in our major categories

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Fire hose nozzles are available as Brass combination fog nozzles, Plastic combination fog nozzles, and brass straight stream nozzles

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Racks & Reels

Semi-Automatic hose racks, as well as Hump racks, Taraton Type racks, Swinging hose reels, and standard pin racks

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wrenches range from fire cabinet wrenches to Fire Hydrant Wrenches, and Storz Wrenches

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